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Residual waste to Energy

emispec-lg-low-g.jpg for "TURN-KEY" solutions

Our mission is to design solutions for heat recovery, thermal energy generation, electrical cogeneration and anaerobic digestion from biomass and / or residual waste execute "TURN KEY" projects for our industrial and institutional clients.

Our goal is to allow you to:

  1. Use post-recycling residual materials and / or biomass.
  2. Produce clean energy meeting and exceeding the requirements of environmental regulations.
  3. Reduce your heating costs through heat recovery, and energy recovery from the residual material.
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your G.E.S. and take advantage of the credits offered.




The products selected by our experts replace light and heavy fuel oil, used oil, natural gas and coal with clean, renewable energy and reduce your carbon emissions.

We will offer solutions and products that will also allow you to precondition your biomass and residual materials using simple and adaptable equipment.

emispec-lg-low-g.jpg for:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparation of energy consumption profiles
  • Validate solutions and products
  • Validate Energy for ultimate materials and biomass.
  • Process engineering
  • System integration
  • Implementation, execution, and projects management
  • The conditioning of biomass and / or residuals materials
  • The densification of biomass and / or residuals materials


All mandates are realized considering the energy needs, the existing infrastructures, the  biomass supply and  conditioning.

See the operating mode section: option 1-2-3

INFORMATIONS:, you could also benefit government financial assistance for the operation of residual material recovery facilities and reduce your capital costs.

Government of Quebec