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Key conditions that enhance the probability of a fruitful collaboration. These conditions guide us in partnering with companies that align with our values and vision:


  • Communications: We believe in the power of open and transparent communication as a cornerstone of successful collaboration.
  • Long-term Vision: We value organizations that possess a forward-thinking vision and are prepared to invest in the future.
  • Energetic Succession: We aim to collaborate with companies that have, or will have, a dynamic and dedicated succession ready to lead a manufacturing enterprise.
  • Mobilized Technical Team: The presence of a readily available technical team is vital for the successful execution of any project.
  • Automation-Centric Products/Services: We prefer to work with companies whose products or services are conducive to automation, robotization, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Funding: The availability and mobilization of funding is a critical component of any project.
  • Profitability: We seek partnerships with profitable companies that have a demonstrated history of profit generation.
  • ‘Greenfield’ Projects: We have a particular interest in ‘Greenfield’ projects, which present unique opportunities for innovation and enhancement.


Solutions that help improve ergonomics, increase professional workplace attractiveness, and reduce carbon footprints.


OUR DISTINCTION: Our team’s extensive experience, rigorous approach, and technical expertise sets us apart.