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Systems Provider & Integrator

EMISPEC offers robust, field proven  platform systems for:

  • Conditioning, conversion and weight / volume reduction for waste streams to be valorized;
  • Thermochemical conversion of residual waste to energy (pyrolysis, gasification, combustion)
  • Solid fuel production from residual materials

We integrate top tier equipment systems to ensure the technical and economic viability for your project's scope of work.




1-PROCESSOR WP - Waste conditioning & standardization

The WP PROCESSOR  normalizes the waste mechanically to reduce weight up to 50% and volume up to 80%.

The machines are designed to handle a wide range of mixed and separated wastes to enable the reuse of valuable recyclable materials, thus supporting the user's efforts to separate waste streams according to best environmental practices.

Waste processors are variable speed impact mills designed to treat solid wastes and/or mixed organic/food waste. The process produces a residual product that is pasteurized (or sterilized), dry, homogeneous, finely shredded, unrecognizable and stable.

The transportation of waste is expensive. Disposal costs are significant for the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW), packaged organic material,residual industrial waste and medical waste.

OUR SOLUTION: The processed waste streams with WP processor can be stored in simple bags, at room temperature, for up to 4 months; dramatically reducing storage & transport needs. The complete waste logistic cycle is facilitated.

Preconditioning the material for cost reduction:

  • Supply of treatment module for volume / weight reduction of the material.
  • Supply of compactors with low parasitic load and footprint
  • System integration
  • Getting started
  • After sales service

 Our specialists in energy recovery of residual materials analyze and implement solutions for your residual materials conditioning and energy production projects. We put to your benefit our expertise in technological watch, system engineering and rigorous post-mortem studies of energy recovery industrial projects currently in operation.




Pyro-Blok, an automated 300 kg/h capacity micro-factory, includes a hydraulic press for the densification of waste materials to cyclindrical ingots and briquette pucks.

A decentralized solid-fuel production process to reduce energy costs, reduce volumes at landfills and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The process reduces volumes of waste fiber destined for landfill; as well as the equivalent tonnes of carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. (TCO2e)

Pyro-Blok - A solid fuel, dense, high energy content!

  • A clean alternative solid fuel ~ 50% cheaper than Class # 2 fuel oil and 15% cheaper than wood pellets,
  • A solid fuel 50% more energy than wood by weight.
  • Clean, renewable fuel, subject to carbon credits
  • A dense, non-hygroscopic fuel that resists storage
  • Made of 100% non-toxic recycled residual fiber
  • Contributes to reducing tCO2e as well as subject to offsets for G.E.S. (CH4)



We are at your service to implement and integrate the technology, systems and infrastructure within your recovery projects.


  1. Preparation of energy consumption profiles
  2. Estimation of the energy value of residual materials
  3. Validation of conversion systems
  4. Systems Integration
  5. Implementation, execution and management of projects.

Optimum performance and availability during the complete life cycle of systems.  

  1. Equipment maintenance
  2. Guaranteed provide by manufacturers

Proven, robust, flexible systems

Innovative Waste Management

Waste to energy:

  • Conditioning and densification of residual materials and biomass
  • Optimization of residual material treatment costs
  • Validation of clean and renewable energy platform solutions
  • Pre-feasibility studies and process flow mapping
  • Project management for system integration.
  • Reduced energy costs and heat recovery
  • Reduction of carbon footprint (tCO2e)