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Our mission is to optimize operating costs associated with waste management by converting waste feedstocks to clean, low carbon footprint, renewable energy.

  • Implement proven systems for pre-conditioning and energy recovery of residual materials;
  • Be the preferred partner for our industrial & community customers for the supply of  turn-key projects ;
  • Implement economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

 Your partner for the development and execution of "Turn Key" bioenergy and waste management projects

Our team helps you achieve energy cost reduction goals; all harmonized with environmental requirements.

The products selected by our experts replace light and heavy fuel oil, used oil, natural gas and coal with clean, renewable energy and reduce your carbon emissions.

We propose solutions & products that allow you to pre-condition your biomass and residual materials using effective, flexible systems.

Projects encompass requirements for energy needs, existing infrastructures; as well as the supply and conditioning of waste streams.


Our commitment is to reduce...

  • Waste management costs
  • Landfill volumes
  • GHG emissions tCO2e.