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Innovative technology

emispec-lg-low-g.jpg to optimize your business productivity and efficiency.

Our mission is to optimize the quality and efficiency of your operations, to put in place a strategic, tactical, and operational plan and evaluate equipment and resources.

Our experience in multi-project and multi-site management allows us to analyze the operational and financial parameters of your company.

You also benefit from a team of more than 25 years of experience in international marketing of complex technological products.

Our team is composed of experts in project management, program management, application development, business development and international marketing.




Key questions for the success of your business

  • How should we reduce costs?
  • The technology used is optimal?
  • Who are our real competitors?
  • Do we have all the resources?
  • Should we do outsourcing?
  • Could we maximize our production 'layout' and our production lead times?
  • How to negotiate our commercial agreements? (contracts, commissions, letter and patent ..)
  • Export....


emispec-lg-low-g.jpg for:

  • Operational Analysis
  • Optimization of processes and operations
  • Validate solutions and systems
  • Coaching
  • Process engineering
  • Project management
  • Implementation of a comprehensive plan
  • Marketing Agreement
  • Feasibility studies


INFORMATION: You could also take advantage of the governmental financial plan for your projects.

Government of Quebec

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