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Internal combustion engine coupled to a gasifier


Carbon Cycle Generator


Modular and transportable electric generation from biomass solid fuel


  • A modular,  stand-alone generator set
  • Clean Technology
  • A biomass to energy conversion efficiency comparable or superior to bio-gas systems
  • 100% carbon neutral technology when processing renewable fuels
  • Cogeneration for electricity & thermal heat


CCGen attributes:

  • Transportable generator set  ( containerized or flatbed-mount)
  • 200kW electric generation and 400kW thermal heat per module
  • Dual gasifier configuration for built-in redundancy
  • Robust system design & controls
  • Simple, reliable operation from a variety of fuels:
    • Solid briquette fuel
    • Industrial grade wood pellets
    • Normalized wood chips and/or wood chuncks




Source: XyloWatt SA

The platform's ability to generate electricity and thermal heat in a small-scale, decentralized mode, establishes a value chain for regional biomass and organic waste streams. Biomass fuel producers and recycling centers alike can leverage their non-commercial waste feeds for energy end-markets through CCGen .

The platform proposes the following innovations:

  • Hydraulic biomass feed supply mechanism; complete with an integrated  drying module powered by the recovered heat from the genset engine exhaust
  • Water-less producer gas (syngas) cleansing
  • 100% producer gas or robust dual-fuel generator set integration


Target application Examples
Waste processing
  • Sawdust waste
  • Recycling centers
  • Greenhouse waste
  • SSO Biogas production waste
  • 2nd/3rd generation ethanol residue
  • Railroad ties
  • CCA treated wood
Electrical generation for remote areas (Off-Grid)
  • Nature Parcs/Bio-sphere
  • First Nation Reserves
  • Outfitters
  • Developing countries
  • Hospitals
  • Universities


Gasification is a promising technology; enabling the conversion of biomass & residual waste to electricity, relatively simply and effectively for capacities < 1MW electrical.  For various reasons, no single, small-scale, industrialized, turn-key gasification platform is available on the market.  Emispec has designed an integrated CCGen system, a modular gasification platform, to fill this gap.

The system benefits:

  1. Modular electrical generation: best solution to address peak power demands
  2. Cogeneration system by design: electricity + high temperature heat + low temperature hot water
  3. High power density: smaller footprint aloows transport of solution
  4. Highest benefits/ cost ratio for small scale electric generation (<1MWe) from biomass
  5. Transportable system: ideal for distributed, decentralized electrical smart grid. Reduces feedstock transportation cost and incidental greenhouse gas generation
  6. High tolerance to feedstock variance: accepts a variety of feedstock from biomass to urban waste
  7. Carbon neutrality: when using renewable biomass. Negative carbon footprint when using waste material.  

On demand production is able to fill the power gaps from wind and solar power. The system addresses surge demand generation to complement wind & solar renewable enrgy systems.