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Provide robust and proven systems and design, develop energy recovery, thermal heat, anaerobic digestion and electrical cogeneration solutions from residual biomass; and build "TURN-KEY" projects for our industrial & institutional accounts.
Our goal is to enable you to:

  1. Reduce the operating costs related to residual waste management.
  2. Produce clean renewable energy meeting and/or exceeding environmental emissions regulations.
  3. Reduce your heating costs maximizing thermal heat recovery and leveraging available waste material feedstocks.
  4. Reduce your carbon  footprint, reduce your GHG emissions and take advantage of credits offered.


  • Conditioning and standardization of residual material
  • Reduced burial of non-recyclable material
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced dependence on oil
  • Sustainable development


Projects are executed by taking into account thermal heat profiles, existing infrastructure and the required biomass & residual waste feed supply & pretreatment logistics.

See operation mode section: option 1-2-3

Opportunity, you may also benefit from existing government financial aid programs which subsidize the implemntation of biomass to energy plants replacing fossil fuels by renewable biomass.

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