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Operation Mode

Energy generation projects from biomass and/or residual waste require careful, rigorous analysis at all levels. Each item, be it either: feedstock characterization, technical feasibility,  the integration of technology into existing infrastructures, energy cost reduction estimates and/or simulations on gas emissions performance influence the demonstrated economic, environemntal and social viability of the project.

Our mode of operation is structured in three distinct offerings (Options):

  1. Analyses and system solutions
  2. Projects management and system integration
  3. Biomass feed supply chain management and pre-conditionning


We provide solutions for steam/hot water generation,  biogas production, gaseous fuel production (syngas),  electricity cogeneration, thermal oil heat exchangers and thermal heat recovery.


OPTION 1: Feasibility Studies & System Solutions Services

All items will be considered according to technical requirements and proposal specifications.

  • Efficiency optimization
  • Operating Cost reduction 
  • Biomass and residual waste quality specifications & availability (composition, humidity, ..)
  • Air emissions requirements (reduction of carbon footprint and GHG emissions)
  • System Cost/Benefit ratio


emispec-lg-low-g.jpg Our professionals have hands-on experience in the fields of  biomass & residual waste preconditioning & supply, gasification and pyrolysis systems, hydronic thermal heat systems, gas emissions controls, analytical process chemistry and petrochemicals.


OPTION  2: Projects management and system integration services


OPTION 3: Biomass feed supply chain management and pre-conditionning services - densification into solid fuel