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Our services

  emispec-lg-low-g.jpgfor "TURN-KEY" SOLUTIONS

For the design and delivery of  thermal heat, electric cogeneration, anaerobic digestion (biogas) and heat recovery projects  from biomass and/or residual waste feedstocks. 

Our team helps you reach your energy cost reduction goals; while harmonizing your efforts with environmental emissions regulations.

The energy products earmarked and qualified by our experts enable the substitution of heavy fuel oil, spent oil, natural gas and/or coal with clean renewable energy; thus reducing your global carbon footprint. 

We also propose robust industrial biomass feed pre-conditionning, storage and conveying solutions tailored to your needs. 

...from residual waste

emispec-lg-low-g.jpgprovides support for:

  • Carbon  footprint analysis
  • The preparartion of site energy profiles
  • The estimation of biomass waste feed energy equivalents versus fossil fuels
  • Feasibility studies for the conversion of fossil fuel to biomass
  • Detailed biomass to energy solution analyses
  • Biomass processing engineering
  • System Integration
  • System implementation, site execution and project management
  • System maintenance and after-sales support
  • Hardware Supply Management
  • Biomass pre-conditionning and storage systems


Our team develops & tailors solutions for your specific needs and objectives.

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