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Our team of experts collaborate with your team to analyze and optimize operations.



We work with a range of manufacturers, leaders in the field of residual waste to energy conversion, for the implementation of "turnkey" projects.


Waste management solutions and waste to energy technologies with a primary focus on troublesome waste streams, destroying waste, generating renewable energy and also recovering product for re-use.

The WP machines are variable speed impact mills designed to process seamlessly mixed solid waste and organic fractions, by rendering a processed product which is reduced in volume & weight, sterilized or pasteurized, dry and odorless.

Deric Group Inc. is a multidisciplinary group offering an integrated solution to customers of both public and private sectors. Servicing three main spheres of activity: engineering consulting, maintenance and construction.

Biothermal is a full-service technology and engineering company that designs and distributes state-of-the-art, next-generation, wood biomass gasification thermal energy systems.