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We collaborate with industry leading OEM's to source, manage and implement successful waste-to-energy turnkey projects.

For application engineering, system design and installation of waste-to-energy conversion platforms for:: GASIFICATION, COGENERATION,  SYNGAS PRODUCTION  , CLEAN INDUSTRIAL SOLID FUEL PRODUCTION (PELLETS /  BRIQUETTES )



WTEC provides integrated clean & smart' waste management infrastructure via medium scale Batch Gasification Systems and smaller Mobile Gasification Systems. Waste = a useful resource – unprocessed Municipal solid waste, commercial, industrial, agricultural, biomass, RDF, hazardous  or bio-solid waste are all feedstock for our Batch Gasifier System which has proven beneficial over many deployments.



Maxxtec AG is a major player in the development and production of equipment and integrated systems for efficient power generation from solid biomass, industrial waste heat as well as other renewable energy sources. Maxxtec AG is world-wide the sole supplier who can offer heat transfer plants and ORC-packages out of its own house and engineering.



Chiptec provide equipment for converting biomass waste to energy and a leader in advanced biomass gasification technology.




Therméal specializes in the production of clean, renewable solid fuel from wood waste, biomass and post-recycling cellulosic residual waste. (waxed cardboard, PCPC cardboard, soiled paper, linen, etc)