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Solid fuel production from waste

Pyro-Blok : A dense, energy rich solid fuel!

A small scale solid fuel production process solution to reduce energy costs, reduce land fill volumes and contribute to reductions in GHG emissions.

Why pay for energy when you possess it already?

Today's issue : Energy is costly. A reliable, clean and cost effective source of fuel is needed. This fuel needs to resist storage conditions.

Our Solution : THE Pyro-Blok PROCESS

A solid fuel alternative to fuel oil or propane, and a complement to wood chips that is a secure source of fuel in the form of recycled waste.

Our process establishes a value chain in the form of clean, dense,  logistically efficient solid fuel. This process reduces waste volumes subject to land filling fees, and reduces total tons of equivalent carbon (tCO2e) that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere.

The automated Pyro-Blok production plant, designed for a production rate of 300 kg/hr, leverages various non recyclable urban fiber feedstock's to form briquettes similar in shape to a hockey puck. The process provides a dual redundant solid fuel supply source to sustain urban core boiler house  infrastructure operating on woody biomass within.


Process Solutions for all SME businesses and communities

  • Production of briquette pucks 1 inch in length and 50mm in diameter for automated industrial boiler plants and/or CHP gasifiers
  • Production of fuel ingots 6 inch in length and 50mm in diameter for small manual fed boilers

Pyro-Blok in summary

  • An alternate solid fuel ~ 50% cheaper than fuel oil class 2 and 15% cheaper than wood pellets
  • A solid fuel 50% more energetic than wood (%w basis)
  • A clean, renewable fuel, subject to carbon credits
  • A dense, non hygroscopic fuel with an excellent shelf-life
  • Made from 100% non-toxic, recycled material
  • Contributes to reducing tCO2e as well as GHG offsets (CH4)

The solid fuel product provides a feed for thermal heating systems for hot water / steam production and / or gas production applications; an alternative to propane gas, oil and natural gas.