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Our team involves a network of experts having a strong technical background and practical field experience; as well as specific knowledge in multiple industrial sectors.

Our professionals have hands-on experience in the fields of  biomass & residual waste preconditioning & supply, gasification and pyrolysis systems, hydronic thermal heat systems, gas emissions controls, analytical process chemistry and petrochemicals. this enables EMISPEC to conduct an analysis of your needs, short-list the required system solution and identify potential red flag issues early in the process.

You benefit from a core of professionals with twenty years of experience in executing large projects within international corporations; as well as a network of global suppliers and contacts.

Don Murray, Eng


(Application Development/ Program Management)

Don Murray has been a member of senior management teams within international high-technology companies since 1986. He has gained  industry-specific expertise within the fields of photonics, analytical chemistry, emissions control, gasification & pyrolysis. His career path has provided him exposure to business cultures in the USA, Continental Europe, Brazil, Japan, and China.
An electrical engineer bringing practical line management experience in Sales/Business development, R&D and manufacturing operations.



Eric Gladu


(Business Development /Logistics/ Contracts)

Eric Gladu's record of accomplishment encompasses 15 years of experience within high technology sector companies in North & South America and Europe. I.e. Sanmina-SCI Corp, Harris Corp, etc.

He has practical field experience with the implementation & optimisation of trans-national supply chains; as well as the technical, logistical and cultural constraints that must be managed to successfully complete projects.





Me Patrick Murray

(Contracts/ Commercial Agreements)

Prosecutor specializing for the past fifteen years, in the field of business, real estate and banking law. Patrick Murray assists commercial customers in assembling financial packages as well as ensuring the organizational development of their businesses.




Bernard Campbell MBA, M.Sc.

(Senior Program Manager )

With over 18 years practical experience managing multiple projects in a multi business unit environment, Bernard understands well the imperatives inherent to the rapid deployment of products in an industrial setting. Leveraging his master's levels training in physics and administration, he integrates complex technical issues within project action plans;  while assuming team member coordination responsibilities in a rigorous, customer-oriented manner. Mobile, action-oriented, Bernard has managed multiple international projects.



Ken Skinner

(Business Development )

Ken has 27 years’ experience in Marketing/Sales. He has field experience in identifying and developing potential markets for National & International projects. Ken has a track record for implementing strategies & bringing products to market.