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Emispec has a deep understanding of both the technical and supply-chain issues around industrial biomass use.  We were impressed by their understanding of processes, supply options and the North American context.


Jeff Lindberg


Dunsky Energy consulting//  Dunsky expertise en énergie

To learn more go to www.dunsky.ca 





« I have worked with Don Murray for a number of years and know from first hand experience that he is a results-driven, highly talented executive. Don worked with ITT on satellite Weather Programs for the U.S. Government. Don consistently met or exceeded my expectations in developing state-of-the-art equipment while operating in highly complex and challenging environments. I am confident that he will continue to effectively and creatively solve difficult problems in the future. »

Christopher D. Young

President and General Manager

ITT Space Systems Division

To learn more about ITT Space Systems Division, go to http://www.ssd.itt.com/ 


« I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Murray for a long period of time and I must say he has outstanding working skills. He is a pretty determined and honest person, always giving his best and doing things accurately. I would encourage anyone to hire his services for I truly believe in his tremendous potential.»

Engineer Antonio Candido Cunha Filho


Opcional Engenharia Ltda.

To learn more go to http://www.opcional.com.br


« I have known Don Murray for 15 years, followed him through his career, and worked with him on several occasions. I have always enjoyed the get-to-the-point approach and his ability to see the big picture; while maintaining keen interest for the detail and operation in execution. I can only encourage the use of Don Murray's services. »

Anders Larsen

Adm.dir /CEO

Q-Interline A/S

To learn more go to www.Q-Interline.com