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Thermal oil heat exchanger system

Maxxtec designs modern and innovative heat exchangers characterized by solid economics, durability and easy maintenance. Depending on the type of thermal oil used, a service temperature can reach 400 ° C.

Maxxtec heat transfer systems are used in many industries, such as: textiles (dryers & kilns), palm oil production (refining columns, steam boilers, etc.), chemistry (columns, reactors, steam generation systems, etc.), polyester production (polycondensation), agro-food (reactors, deep fryers, etc.), the wood industry (MDF, OSB, particle boards)

Pre-Assembly reduces installation costs as all items are pre-assembled and prewired on a common platform. The systems are tested in factory. This design makes it easier to transport and significantly reduces installation time.

Maxxtec "Airmaxx" cost-effective biomass combustion heating surface cleaning system.



Airmaxx cleaning system ensures a continuous, cost effective service over a longer period of recovery boilers operation.

In recent years, Maxxtec has developed an integrated 3-pass thermal oil boiler cleaning surface  system .

For years, many developments have been made to "Airmaxx" cleaning system to improve its effectiveness and efficiency and to minimize fatigue of surface heating materials.

It is possible to operate nearly 4000 hours without interruption. The "Airmaxx" of "Maxxtec" system has been installed successfully on many existing installations. For example, on an installation in Italy, the initial operating period of 2 weeks could be extended to more than 30 weeks.

Historically, biomass combustion systems worked with constant settings and under more or less stable excess air conditions. With such systems  it was possible to determine precisely the characteristics of the flue gas. These older combustion technologies required frequent cleaning and maintenance. The use of high flue gas velocities enabled good flue gas movement and sustained heating surfaces more or less clean for a prolonged period.

Today, modern combustion systems enable longer operation duty cycle periods due in part to automatic de-ashing systems.  More extensive throttling of the load "turn-down ratios" requires  more rigorous cleaning of heat transfer surfaces. The sustained turn-down ratios and partial thermal load profiles give way to variable flue gas flow rates & speeds which result in more aggressive deterioration of heat transfer surfaces.

In addition to its low investment, Maxxtec "Airmaxx" system provides a benefit economic by low consumption in compressed air compared to conventional blowers.

For the most critical fuel, Maxxtec can offer of exchangers coils or tube bundle can be equipped with either mechanical or blowers air cleaning systems. These systems allow for operation in excess of  8000 hours per year.