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 A team of experienced managers providing you support throughout the complete project life cycle; be it for strategic planning or a modernization project. We accompany you from the initial strategy to the implementation and progress tracking in the long run.


  • Program Management for Manufacturing Projects
  • Digital transformations (sales, product design & manufacturing)
  • Process workflow analysis (workflows, cost/labor, feasibility, productivity)
  • Optimization & automation of your manufacturing processes or production cells
  • Product Design Processes & »Stage Gate» , «Portffolio Board» Mechanisms
  • Integration of AI-Powered Tools/systems


Our mission is to contribute tangibly to the growth, productivity, professional workplace attractiveness and change management within your organizations; all while reducing the carbon footprint.



We support our clients in change management for automation and collaborative robot deployment initiatives in the manufacturing sector.



  • «Innovative and intelligent projects empowering workplaces»


OUR DISTINCTION: Our team’s extensive experience, rigorous approach, and technical expertise sets us apart.