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president and founder




Electrical Engineering graduate from McGill University with over 25 years of experience working with multinational high-tech companies in senior management and business development roles.

Senior advisor for high technology companies specializing in product development, operations optimization, strategy planning, marketing and sales optimization.

Since 2007, Mr. Murray is president of the company EMISPEC, specializing in feasibility assessments & project deployment for industrial projects targetting the residual waste energy conversion waste stream management. Emispec is a supplier and integrator of robust and proven systems for conditioning, standardization and energy conversion of multiple waste streams.

In 2014, he obtained a USPTO patent for the Pyro-Blok ™ press intended for the conversion of residual urban fiber (paper, cardboard, plastic) in the form of solid fuel to supply industrial boilers as well as industrial scale gasifiers.

Specialized in the development and commercialization of complex products in the sectors of renewable energy, analytical chemistry for emissions control, industrial processes in petrochemicals, process control in gasification / pyrolysis and vehicle electronics.

He analyzes the existing process logistical work flows, earmarks technological solutions, and pre-qualifies available technological solutions and proposes proven waste conversion value streams.

Frank, realistic manager, he provides flexible, innovative solutions adapted to businesses and remote communities.

Don has field experience in Canada, the United States, Europe, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China and Cambodia.